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Hello World!! I am Sarah Mellman.  I 'm the artist who created Enchanted Moments Nursery. I am  a Mom and Artist. I am very happily married to my best friend and high school sweetheart Mike. We have been married for 21 years. Together we have 5 beautiful children. This page is so I can show off my beautiful children! They are a big part of my business.  I involve them in every part of reborning.  Elizabeth and  Ian make bracelets, tutu's and hair accessories.  Anna and Brooklyn make reborn babies, bracelets, tutu's and accessories. They both have sold several dolls all over the world. Chris makes bracelets and hair accessories. All 3 of the older children help while I take pictures of the babies.  Their hands are often in the pictures.   They all love to help fill the babies with glass and weigh the babies when they are finally finished . Their favorite part is dressing the babies for the first time!  They fight over who gets to do that job! 
Together we are a great team!  

Interested in learning more?
~Elizabeth~ age 20
~Brooklyn~ age 20
~Ian~  Age 14
~Anna~ age 16
 age 18 years
Me (Sarah) age 29 and holding! LOL
I've always loved babies. From my earliest years all I wanted to be "when I grew up" was a mother. 
My wish came true 13 months after I was married to my high school sweetheart. We welcomed into the world Brooklyn Desiree, our oldest. She was a joy to have. Always happy! 
And very drooly!  
She helped us welcome Christopher Michael 2 years later. He was such a sweet boy. Though he was born 5 weeks early he grew fast! Those early days were rough when he couldn't be home with us. But he grew healthy and soon came home.
Anna Rebecca arrived on the scene 18 months later 8.5 weeks premature. She was a sweet tiny little dumplin. She weighed 3lbs 14oz at birth, and came home 6 weeks later just over 5lbs. She didn't grow very fast until recently when she went from 5 feet tall to 5 '7" in a matter of a few months! (I thought boys did that, not girls!)
A short 2 years later Ian arrived.  He was born 8 weeks early and was a very sick little boy. He stayed in the NICU for 4 weeks, and was on oxygen for the first 6 months of his life and in and out of the hospital through-out his first few years with preemie related issues.  But magically when he was about 2 and a half  he stopped getting sick and he grew! Now you can't tell by looking at him that he was such a sick little guy in the beginning.
3 and a half long years of waiting and whole host of medical issues later Elizabeth arrived . Also 7.5 weeks premature.  She was a blessing! We weren't sure if we could have more kids. And we were scared of losing her before she was big enough to survive. She was so beautiful we were grateful that she was as healthy as she was as early as she was. She weighs 4lbs 11oz. She only had to stay in the NICU for 3 weeks before coming home! Once she was home she grew fast! Now my baby is 9 years old!!!
How'd that happen so fast!!
Here is a smattering of our memories... Enjoy!
The last picture taken with my mother before she died.
Elizabeth age 6
Summer 2006
Elizabeth and Mommy 2 days old.
Elizabeth 1 day old
Brooklyn 13 years
Ian 3 days old
Daddy and Elizabeth 2008
Trip to Oregon Coast 2009
Anna 8 years
Anna 2011
Ian just after coming
 home from hospital.
Anna, Christopher and Brooklyn 2010
My boys 2006
Me and my best friend and sweetheart! after he graduated College 2010
Elizabeth and...lipstick?
Christopher at Stonehenge 2007
Christopher with Daddy in the Gallows, England 2007
Ian loves to swim 2006
My Mother, playing in her garden 2009
Anna and Elizabeth 2006
Keira our fabulous old dog. white german shepard
Christopher and Chester his lizzard
Pumpkin Patch 2006
Elizabeth 1st Birthday
My cute little witch, Anna
Princess Brooklyn
Handsome little Ian 2007
Christopher Halloween 2006
Trip to Estes Park Colorado 2008
Ian and Elizabeth playing in the dirt.
Grandma and Christopher building castles in the sand
Brooklyn 2006 10 years
Brooklyn hunting for treasures on the Oregon Coast.
My Babies 2009
Ian and his little buddy/cousin Zack
Once there was a snowman....2009
Daddy holding Elizabeth for the first time.
Ian and Mommy 5 days old.
Ian 14 months
Elizabeth 2 years
Oregon Coast 2009
Christopher and Daddy, England 2007
Elizabeth 18 months
Elizabeth 18 months
Anna 5 years
Anna 13 years
Ian petting goats at stock show
Fairy Anna 2010
Molly, our crazy Maine Coon cat. She thinks she's a dog!
Elizabeth giving Maisie a ride in the wagon...
~Me~ Age 29 and holding...
Some of Brooklyn's senior pictures
3 of the kids at Young Minds at Work
Brooklyn 3 days old
Brooklyn 12 months