Enchanted Kreature Kits
Introducing our first Enchanted Kreature Kit
Baby Draken the Dragon. 

Draken the Dragon is the first of his kind to be produced into a vinyl doll kit. He will come as a 9 piece vinyl kit with: Head, Arms, Legs, Torso, Tail, and Wings. He will come with a cloth body that fits inside his vinyl body and connects his head Arms and Legs. His wings and tail connect directly to his torso.  Draken measures 22 inches long from top of head to tip of toes. (Longer if you count tail.) This is Draken in Clay before he went to the factory. I will update his pictures after I receive his vinyl prototypes.
Drakens Preorders will run from Wednesday August 1 at 9:00am EST to Tuesday August 14 at 9:00pm EST with his vinyl kits arriving in late October or early November.
To pre-Order Draken Please click HERE

​Draken takes 28mm eyes. Below you will find a selection of eyes that I will be available for sale with his kits.

Prototype Contest

I will be holding a Prototype Contest for a chance to win a Prototype of a future Enchanted Kreature Kit. (We have more Enchanted Kreature sculpts that will be heading off to the factory in late July or Early August.) Fantasy creatures take a different painting method then a regular human reborn, often times with more vibrant colors and painting techniques. I would like to find out where the talent lies in the world of painting fantasy and alternative kits/dolls. As there are quite a few future fantasy kits in the works for Enchanted Kreature Kits.

Detailed Rules and Requirements will be posted closer to when Drakens kit is released.

Be sure to get your Draken kit preordered to participate in the Prototype Contest
I don't need Therapy,
I just need to hug my DRAGON
Draken Eyes
28 mm 1/2 round plastic eyes
Choose from the variety of colors here. Each pair are $10.
If pre-ordered with Draken they will be shipped with his kit when it arrives. 

To Preorder Draken or eyes please click 

August 1 at 9:00am