June 2013 Babies
Sadie Rose
Sadie was made using the limited edition sold out Romeo sculpt by the very talented artist Natalie Bliock. She turned out quite amazng!
Sadie was  reborn June 4, 2013
Weight: 6 lbs 2 oz
Length: 20 inches 
Sadie now lives in Maryland
Lanie was made using the adorable Rieke sculpt by Linde Scherer. She has been adopted and now lives in Arizona.
Greyson was made using the adorable sold out Grace sculpt by talented artist Tina Kewy. 
Greyson was reborn
June 27, 2013
Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz
Length: 23.5 inches long. 
Greyson has been adopted and now lives in Florida.

Woooooooow. This is the SINGLE BEST PURCHASE I have ever made. I was feeling tired and achy with tummy troubles. But I decided to open his box anyway. From the moment I took him out, ( about an hour ago), he has not left my tummy. He's on my tummy right now as I type this on my phone. I've never felt a Reborn quite like this. I Love How heavy he is! And how soft his head is to touch. This baby makes me FEEL like he is REAL! My tummy even feels soothed with him lying on me! Really unbelievable how much of a DEPTH of reaction I have to him. I love him. I couldnt ever imagine selling this sweetheart. Every single part of him is precious, and exquisite. Thank GOODNESS I bought him!!!! Thanks sooo much Sarah!!! You REALLY made me happy.
I almost CRIED when I got him! I'm so head over heels in love that it's disturbing. I never even thought it was POSSIBLE to love a reborn THIS much. I'm kind of creeping myself out, at how much I love him. I have already held him more than I have ANY of my Reborns. I have already told my friends about him, and I refer to you as the: " HOLY COW I AM IN LOVE ARTIST!" :)
~Shana O. :)
Made using

the Samuel 

kit from



Now lives in Florida